111 West Water St
Centreville MD 21617

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Ocean City

9927 Stephen Decatur Hwy
Ocean City MD 21842

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19 North Harrison Street
Easton, MD 21601

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This is Us

An Optical Galleria—The Place to See & Be Seen

An Optical Galleria locally owned and family-operated business with locations in Centreville, West Ocean City & Easton, Maryland. A Creator of HOOK Optics. The Hottest New Premium Polarized Sunglasses Brand on the market today.

Why Shop Local?

Bob and Niki Pino married their passions of vision care and art, and An Optical Galleria was born.

Bob, an Optician for over 43 years, began his career at 16 years old, working for independent opticians in Washington, DC and as a high-end eyewear sales consultant before An Optical Galleria was established. Bob’s many years of experience has made him the award-winning Optician that he is today. He problem solves and creates one-of-a-kind custom eyewear that other Opticians wouldn’t even consider making. Bob’s extensive knowledge is uncommon these days. He takes great pride in helping people look good, feel great, and see clearly out of an awesome pair of glasses that he made.

Niki’s degree is in specialized technology.  She began her career by designing campaigns, posters and logos for corporate businesses. While raising their two sons, Anthony and Chris, they had an idea and An Optical Galleria was created. Today, she overseas operations of their three locations, designs and develops all marketing materials for both An Optical Galleria and Hook Optics while pursuing her passion for creating unique and inspiring works of art.

An Optical Galleria #1 was established in 2002, Bob and Niki continued to spend a great deal of time in Ocean City with their two sons, Anthony and Christopher. While there, they saw the need for quality eyewear, as well as a emergency replacements of lost glasses. In 2014 An Optical Galleria # 2 was established with Chris running the show has become an excellent optician like his father and helps 100s of people enjoy the rest of their vacation and drive home safely by replacing their lost glasses in an hour.

In 2018, an opportunity arose in Easton and An Optical Galleria # 3 emerged!

Most recently, the Pino family created Hook Optics. In 2020, after high quality sunglass brands sold out to the monopoly in the industry, the only choice was to create their own brand of premium polarized sunglasses theirselves. The named it – Hook Optics.

When doing so they knew they had to develop a better product than what’s out there. Many thanks to the fishing community and all of you who have noticed!

Everything about Hook Optics – A True family Affair.

Bob and Chris work extensively on the frame designs and tweaking each style by millimeters to establish the perfect fit — while continuing to run the stores and provide excellent customer service.

Niki handles communication with the factories, designed the logo, is hands on in all the product development including all the new swag!

Anthony Pino, is captain of the ship, he runs the Blood Money Sport fishing yacht, Owner of Marine Finishing Solutions, hands on with testing our lens performance on the deep blue sea(s) and real life experiences. Hook Optics lenses are made by Zeiss but custom formulated by the Pino family to provide the greatest contrast and clarity available in technology today.

All products are vigorously tested. If the Pino’s don’t like them, they won’t be offering them to you.

Thank you all for Seeing the Difference and for your continued support for family businesses by shopping local. Community Matters. 

Contact us today The best way to learn more about this unique family-owned, eye care practice is to simply stop in to any of their 3 locations to SEE for yourself. It is truly their pleasure to serve you.