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Bill Fuhrer

Local Guide · 51 reviews · 118 photos

3 weeks ago

My wife and I both had eye exams and ordered new glasses, contacts, and prescription sunglasses. They are a boutique small local business that I’m happy to pay the extra cost of doing business with because they are flat out worth it. Extremely thorough and accurate. Incredible customer service throughout the experience. Chris is awesome and their new optometrist, Dr. Alex, is great. We both commented that we felt as though we received the most comprehensive eye exam we’ve ever had. They stand behind the brands they represent and know their business inside and out. The artwork is pretty cool too... it’s especially nice to look at with a fresh set of eyes.


3 reviews

6 days ago

Exceptionally nice people. I would highly recommend coming here. Easiest time I’ve ever had in getting an eye exam and new glasses.

Chelsea Nichols

1 review

3 weeks ago

The Optical Galleria has the most beautiful show room with the newest frames from Costa; great customer service and a friendly shop dog to boot! Stoping in for some fresh frames on your summer get away is a must.


1 review

8 months ago

Quality business with EXCELLENT customer service. A member of our family lost her glasses in the ocean on our 1st day of vacation. Her optometrist in PA called in her script. We simply picked out the frames and Chris had new glasses for her within 30 minutes. They even stayed open a little late to ensure our vacation continued with clear vision. If you need any optical needs, this is the place to go!

Larry Rogers

Local Guide · 114 reviews · 390 photos

a month ago

Fair prices and great service. Thanks for straightening out those glasses today!

Evan Styer

4 reviews

9 months ago

Lost my glasses from a big wave in the ocean. Called around found out Chris could do same day. Arrived and met Chris not what I expected he seemed like a regular guy not a suit and tie eye Dr like near us. Great guy very personable treated u like a friend not a customer. Got me seeing again and saved me vac. Would never hesitate to refer him to anyone awesome shop and great guy. Ty again Chris I really appreciate it

Linda Moran

1 review

6 months ago

Love this store and the family run business. Buy local!!! Great service too, my husband and I both have gotten glasses a few times.

Linda & Marty


3 reviews

9 months ago

Chris saved the day and my vacation. My glasses got knocked off by a big wave while I was helping my 4yr daughter out of the water. After having my Dr. Send me my prescription Chris was able to get me seeing again in less than an hour.  I highly recommend him. Very helpful and reasonably priced. Thank you again for saving our vacation.


Local Guide · 27 reviews · 13 photos

9 months ago

Saved the day! Like most posts I've read. I myself lost my glasses to the ocean. Called first eyeglass place I found and was able to take care of me same day. Excellent service, above and beyond the service I had expected and above all professional. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Terri Scholtz

2 reviews

7 months ago

Thank you! I’m so glad I found An Optical Galleria. A great selection of frames at this family owned and operated business. The customer service is outstanding and everyone is very friendly.

My entire experience was wonderful, the doctor took her time and gave me the most thorough eye exam ever, then the owner helped me choose some really great frames. I bought the new physio lenses and they took are clearer than any lenses I have ever had. Good experience - thank you. Feb 23, 2009

I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Optometrist Dr. Emily OMeara and the entire staff at An Optical Galleria! I am delighted with my new Silhouettes. They are lightweight, comfortable and understated yet elegant. Dr. OMearas examination of my vision was very comprehensive and thorough. She asked lots of questions about my activities of daily living and visual needs and spent time listening to my concerns as she went through the exam. It was clear that me that Dr. OMearas priority was to help me see clearly and comfortably. She was very generous with her time explaining what aspects of vision and eye health she was evaluating during her exam and details about her findings. The staff at An Optical Galleria worked very well together as a team. Dr. OMeara prescribed the type of vision correction I needed and the optician recommended the best materials and lens design. They had a fabulous selection of frames and allowed me to try as many frames as I wanted.

Jan 27, 2010


If you want the best of the best. Then go to the BEst of the BEst. AN Optical Galleria in Centreville next to Edwards pharmacy. They will take great care of you. I am wearing Silohoutte light weight frames and they are the best glasses I have EVER had.

Jan 29, 2013


Bob and his staff at Optical Galleria in Centreville are the best. Bob takes care of me and my son. He has the most beautiful frames and you get the absolute best personal care and service you could ever want for. I'm so glad they are here and I don't have to go across the bridge to get the best care because it's right here at my back door.

Debra Leopold

Bob and Niki really treat every customer like gold! It is such a pleasure to purchase glasses from these two very special people. Plus, they truly have the best -- most artistic -- selection of frames. Don't miss out on visiting this very special place.

May 29, 2014

Frank Vernet

Wonderful customer service offered by Bob who repaired my eyeglasses after I slammed a car door against them. The eyeglasses are like almost new. I highly recommend this boutique.

Jul 02, 2014

Barb Clark Burkhardt

Fantastic service a pleasure to do business with.

Jul 18, 2014

Andre Griben

This is the best. Walked in with broken frames had replacement ones with me expected to have to leave them and pay big bucks. Walked out in 15 mins at a cost of 5 bucks.

Apr 10, 2015

Jennifer Fitzmaurice
Best service, attention to detail, updated and high quality styles!! Wouldn't buy my eyewear anywhere else. Love these guys! Jul 17, 2015
Zak Smith

Had Chris make me 2 pairs of prescription Costa's and they are perfect regretting not doing them sooner!!!

May 09, 2016

David Vo

Went to ocean city for the weekend and me and my friends went to grab a couple drinks, while we was all the bar my friends thought it was be funny to throw me in the water... My glasses came off while I was under the water never found them, loss forever at sea..... I needed my glasses to see and drive home... Only person to answer the phone and willing to make me a pair of glasses on Memorial Day weekend was Chris.... They close at 1pm that Saturday and I wasn't going to make it but Chris called me back and was like he'll stay a little bit after for me to come.... Once I got there he help me pick out a pair of glasses and 20min later I could see again, thanks again..... Best Service Ever!!!

Jun 03, 2016

Jessica Yetter

Spent four days on vacation with my husband and three children. On day three my husband forgot to take off his glasses and was jumping waves with our oldest daughter and lost them in the ocean. We tried everywhere to find him something but no one had anything near his prescription (he's blind as a bat) when we called Chris and had his RX faxed in, he had one lens in stock and rush ordered the other for the next morning. My husband had a new pair of glasses in less than 24 hours. Chris is so nice and amazing at what he does!! What a lifesaver!! Thanks so much!

Jun 09, 2016

Maria Myers

Great folks to do business with. Great quality and service.

May 07, 2017

Christa Wagman

My husband and I went jet skiing and I lost my glasses in the bay. I couldn't see to drive even if I wanted to. We stopped in and they did an awesome job of making me a new pair in less than an hour. I would recommend them to anyone in need of glasses.

Jun 17, 2017

Carolyn W.

So we are on vacation in Ocean City MD and the arm of my glasses came loose. The screw was a difficult one to fix. I thought I was going to have to wear...

Sep 28, 2017

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