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Discover the Best in Eyewear Selection

At An Optical Galleria, our patients rave about our unparalleled selection of frames. With over 30 years of industry expertise, we annually attend Vision Expo in New York to bring you the latest styles, trends, and advancements in frames and lens technology. We meticulously curate our inventory, choosing from thousands of manufacturers to offer you the finest styles and cutting-edge materials available. When we invest in our inventory, we’re investing in you, ensuring you have access to innovative and exciting products that suit your unique style and needs.

Looking for lightweight, nearly invisible frames? Let us introduce you to Silhouette, renowned for their super lightweight, titanium, rimless frames customized for a perfect fit.

Prefer a bold and distinctive look? Explore our colorful and unique frames that complement your vibrant personality.

Somewhere in between? Discover our extensive range, including lightweight and durable laser-cut nylon frames by OVVO.

Ask yourself, what else do you wear and depend on every day of your life?

Your eyewear should reflect your style, personality, and lifestyle—trust An Optical Galleria to help you find the perfect frames that enhance both your vision and your look.

Quality Matters—Choose the Best for Your Vision

At An Optical Galleria, we prioritize your vision by discussing lens options after finding your perfect-fitting frame and style. We meticulously measure, order, and handcraft your lenses onsite, ensuring precision down to the millimeter—because every detail matters with progressives. Our exceptional success rate in fitting progressive lenses reflects our commitment to exacting standards that make life easier for you.

In a market flooded with lens choices, we select only the highest quality. Varilux and Zeiss digital lenses offer unparalleled clarity for distance, close-up, and mid-range vision. Even if you’ve had a less than ideal experience with progressives in the past, advancements in lens technology make it worthwhile to try again. Their patented technology delivers sharper visual clarity and a broader field of view, enhancing your overall visual experience.

While Varilux’s comfort lenses remain effective, their latest digital offerings are truly remarkable. Think of the difference like switching from an analog to a high-definition television—Varilux digital technology takes clarity to the next level for your eyes.

Whether you’re a first-time progressive lens wearer or looking to upgrade, trust us to help you see the details that matter. Fit and quality are our priorities at An Optical Galleria.

Leading Edge Eyewear Solutions at An Optical Galleria

Discover the convenience of having new lenses or polarized lenses expertly fitted into your existing frame at An Optical Galleria. Simply provide your prescription, let us take precise measurements, and we’ll order your lenses. Once your lenses arrive, our skilled opticians will shape them to perfection while you wait, ensuring you never have to be without your glasses.

Computer Glasses—Essential for Digital Wellness

Combat eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches with computer glasses—a crucial tool in alleviating symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that arise from prolonged screen use.

Unlike standard eyewear, computer glasses are optimized for viewing distances typically found between 20 to 26 inches from your face. Our optometrists will determine the ideal lens power based on your specific screen-to-face distance. Whether fitting them into your existing frame or selecting from our extensive range, we guarantee your computer glasses combine functionality with style.

Enhance your look, improve your vision, and experience greater comfort throughout your day with computer glasses designed specifically for digital environments.

Remember, computer glasses are intended solely for computer use and should not be worn while driving or performing tasks requiring enhanced vision. For optimal effectiveness, store them near your computer when not in use.

At An Optical Galleria, we specialize in blending fashion with function. Let us help you discover the perfect fitting frame that complements your unique style.